Grasp the direction of scientific development

After years of practice and exploration,nomatter the odds Han Yuming and Han Jian insisted on leading their team and successfully guided private enterprise to the glorious Ruiming model.It attracts the extensive attention from all sectors of society.The top leaders of the state including Hu Jintao,Wu Yi,Zhao Hongzhu,Dai Bingguo and so on graciously met the group. Ministries and commissions and party leaders from the province and the city like Chen Deming,Li Qiang,Chen Yixin,Chen Jinbiao,Qian Jianmin,Xu Liyi,Zhang Geng,Chen Jianming,Li Wuwen,Chen Shengfeng repeatedly visited Ruiming,got to know the industrial work of Ruiming and apoke hight of Ruimings intelligent manufacture mode.

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